Episode 6: Coyotes and The End to a 700 Year War

Join Angela and Stephanie this week as they discuss the deadly coyote attack on Taylor Mitchell and the history of the end of the 700 year war.


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Episode 5 – Excedrin and Consensual Cannibalism

This week join Stephanie and Angela as they discuss the case of murderer and poisoner Stella Nickell and Armin Meiwes the Rotenburg Cannibal


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Episode 4: Breaking In and Exiled Out

This week Angela and Stephanie discuss the Canadian serial killer David Russell Williams and King Edward II of England

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Episode 3: Unknown Fire Origins and Tigress Attacks

This week, Stephanie and Angela cover the spontaneous combustion of Mary Reeser as well as the Champawat Tiger, the man eating Bengal tigress


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Episode 2: Grave Diggers and Scaphism

This week Angela and Stephanie talk about Carl Tanzler and The Death of Cyrus the Great. Listen as we go into some of the more gory details of what an obsessive manΒ  will do to the object of this affection after her death and the revenge a mother will put forth for her favorite son

Episode 1: Famine

Listen to two girls discuss different ways people have died. This week we cover two different but similar famines: The Holodomor and The North Korean famine. Hosted by Stephanie and Angela

This is our very first episode ever!

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