Episode 47 – Virginia Tech Massacre

This week, Angela covers the Virginia Tech Massacre, the deadliest school shooting in the USA. Special Guest: Brandon I apologize for any and all names that were mispronounced in this episode. NEW EPISODE EVERY THURSDAY If you like what I do, please review this and let me know. You can find me on: iTunes, Google Play Music,Stitcher, Spotify,  TuneIn […]

Episode 19 – Christine Chubbuck and Albert Guay

This week Angela and Stephanie cover Christine Chubbuck, the first ever person to commit suicide on live TV and Albert Guay, a Canadian Mass Murderer, who blew up a Canadian Pacific passenger plane, killing 23 people including his wife, in Quebec 1949. NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY! If you like what we do, please review us […]

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