Episode 31 – The Chinese Massacre of 1871 and Barbara Coombes

This week Angela shares the story of the Chinese Massacre of 1871 in Los Angeles, where Chinese residents were lynched in “Negro Alley” by a mob of 500 people during a race riot. And Stephanie covers the story of Barbara Coombes, a woman who confessed to killing her pedophile father, 12 years prior. NEW EPISODE […]

Episode 17 – Akku Yadav Attack and the Holly and Molly Murders

This week Angela and Stephanie discuss the serial rapist Akku Yadav (a gang leader from Nagpur, India who was lynched by 200 women) and the Holly and Molly Murder (The deaths of Molly Anne Bish and Holly Piirainen) If you like what we do, please review us and let us know. You can find us […]